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Maximum Daily Loss

Maximum Daily Loss | 5%

The daily loss limit is calculated based on the initial balance at the start of the day, minus the total amount lost in closed bets and pending bets. If a bettor reaches the daily loss limit of 5% (including losses from pending bets) means your account exceeded the daily loss limit and have breached our rules.

For instance, with a $50,000 starting balance and a 5% daily loss limit ($2,500), if a bettor loses 3% ($1,500) in closed bets and has 2% ($1,000) in pending bets, they have reached their daily loss limit.

The maximum daily drawdown (5%) resets every day at around Midnight CET (Central European Time) (typically plus or minus 3 minutes).

This rule ensures responsible betting and helps manage risk by accounting for both immediate losses and potential future losses from pending bets.

Note: Exceeding the daily drawdown limit will result in the automatic failure/breach of your account and you will not be able to continue betting with that account.

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